Nike Method Drone Putter 2012


Nike Method Core Drone features the Nike major-winning Polymetal groove technology in a high-Moment of Inertia (MOI) package. With its iconic larger mallet shape and milled face, the Nike Method Core Drone is loaded with geometry. Its extreme mallet design and Opti-mass weighting in the center and wing tips keep the clubhead on its path, preventing twisting and creating a smooth, accurate stroke. The high-MOI putter enables more stability, which provides a better roll and ultimately leads to increased confidence over every putt.

134,14 € VAT included
109,95 € Without VAT


Wilson Staff Ladies 8885 Series Black Putter 2012


Inspired by timeless Wilson putters and updated with precision milling, the Wilson Staff 88 Putter Series delivers several upgraded classic designs sure to appeal to every generation of golfer. 8885™-BLACK Women’s Heel/toe weighted, mallet, heel shaft, plumber hosel, Length 33".

91,44 € VAT included
74,95 € Without VAT


Nike Method Concept Putter 2012


Nike designers have created an iconic shape that blends art with science without sacrificing the game-changing performance that Nike Method technology delivers – a smoother stroke and a truer roll with far less skid. The radical shape uses a bright red front and black rear section to create a visual illusion and therefore giving the appearance of a traditional blade at address.

158,54 € VAT included
129,95 € Without VAT